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Electrolytic antimony automatic production line

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I, an overview
DZT-1-type antimony automatic production line is Xiangtan Volkswagen Rectifier Manufacturing Co., Ltd. carefully designed products developed, the cathode plate stripping machine has completely independent intellectual property rights (invention patent: 200910044145.0, utility model patent: 200920065607.2). With the development of industrialization and the acceleration of mechanization, this product is bound to set off a completely new technological change in the field of electrolytic antimony production!
At present, most of the domestic production of electrolytic antimony is mostly done manually by hand, and very few enterprises use semi-mechanized operations. However, the workload and labor intensity of workers are very large, and the production environment is harsh. The production efficiency of enterprises is low and the labor cost is high.
In order to change the status quo, the public has been carefully studied and designed through repeated data calculations and thousands of on-site simulation experiments, and finally developed this set of DZT-1 electrolytic antimony automatic production line to fill the national and world antimony industry automation The blank greatly improves the working efficiency of the production of electrolytic antimony industry and further reduces the production cost of electrolytic antimony with great development prospects and market value.
We use the most high-quality materials in the manufacturing, through careful and meticulous processing, so that the company's automated peeling antimony electrolysis production line, become a really able to put into mass production equipment, electrolytic antimony manufacturers to bring excellent Economic benefits.

II, construct
The whole process of each production line includes auto-boarding, stripping and automatic unloading. The entire post-processing process realizes mechanized integration. A production line only needs 1-2 operators to automatically complete the production process.

III, the working principle
1. The whole set of equipment adopts automatic control to achieve intelligent automation, fast, energy saving, environmental protection requirements.
2. Antimony stripping automated production line peeling off the cathode plate after the positioning and processing speed is generally 600 / hour or so, the work process is stable and safe, easy to operate.
3. Electrolytic antimony stripping the production line structure and configuration, according to the order of the process:
1), into the board rack into the board device automatically: antimony cathode plate by 10 blocks / minute automatically evenly into the stripping machine;
2), stripping machine: stripping machine using our company has independent intellectual property DZYZ-1 improved electrolytic cathode stripping machine;
3), the plate rack automatically out of the device: from the stripping machine out of the antimony-free cathode plate by the automatic plate change device pushed to the plate rack aggregation.
4), a full set of equipment, electrical installations using PLC-integrated touch screen control, with start down, monitoring, alarm, operation protection and other functions.

IV, the whole features
1. Liberate the workforce, improve business productivity
Fully automatic transmission, the whole process only 3-4 people to complete the operation, with 10,000 tons of production capacity compared to manual or semi-automatic can reduce the workforce at 80% -90%.
2. Save the cost of the cathode plate
Abandon the original production process, not only can improve the service life of the cathode plate, but also do not need to purchase too much cathode plate to prepare the board, reduce the loss and construction costs.
3 smooth low noise transmission
Transmission parts cycloid reducer with chain drive, so that the transmission is stable and reliable, easy maintenance.
4. Use reliable, long life
Because the main main components are made of high-quality stainless steel, the mechanical properties are good and the chain drive is used again, so it has a long service life.

V, technical parameters
1. The overall appearance of the size: 7000x6000x1800 (length x width x height);
2. For the board size: 1095 * 720 * 2.0, hanging length of 1140;
3.Work efficiency: 600 hours per hour to complete the work of the cathode plate.
4. Total equipment maximum total load of 15kw / hour, of which stripping unit motor power 3 kw, the main motor power consumption of 2 x2.2 kw, other control and auxiliary device power consumption 7.6kw.
5 peeled off the antimony film crushing rate of less than 10%, plate removal rate of 99% or more.

VI, operation and maintenance & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;
(A) operation sequence:
1. Turn on the power;
2. The anti-plate into the plate transmission chain;
3. Click on the "board control" interface, click "into the board rack chain enable" button, the anti-board will be fed into the board rack into the board device, if you want to stop, click the red button, the user interface such as Figure 1 shows;

Figure 1

4. Click on the "peel control", click on the "green" button, if you want to stop then click the red button, the user interface shown in Figure 2;

Figure 2

5. Click on the "exit control", click "out of the rack chain enable" button and "quick chain" green button to open the rack device, stop press the red button, the interface as shown 3;

Figure 3

6. When the shutdown operation is needed, when the antimony plate in the production line completes one process, it can turn off one process in turn and can completely shut down the entire power supply of the entire production line when the whole production process is completed.
7. Automatic production line set up a remote control box, the production process can be controlled using the control box, the operation button interface shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4

(B) Safety Precautions
1. If the equipment malfunctions or makes an abnormal sound, please shut down immediately. Ask the technician for on-the-spot maintenance. Do not allow non-professionals to carry out maintenance.
2. During operation, it is forbidden to extend body parts or tools into the machine to prevent accidents.
(C) maintenance
1. Lubrication method:
The reducer lubrication method table:

lubricating oil

Ambient temperature ℃

Extreme pressure gear oil

ISO extreme pressure gear oil










NOTE: 2 # Lithium Grease, 2 # Extreme Pressure Lithium Grease, or 00 # Reducer is recommended when using a grease reducer for lubrication fat.
1. The reducer must be injected into the lubricating oil before use, the factory reducer in order to facilitate handling and transportation, are generally not installed lubricating oil.
2. When filling the oil, the height of the oil level should not exceed the upper limit of the glass hole oil standard, nor lower than the lower limit of the oil standard. In operation, should always observe the level of oil, replenish the same grade of lubricating oil.
3. Lube oil replacement system:
The first replacement, the reducer 300 hours after the first operation for the first replacement, replacement, should remove the residual oil. After each replacement, continuous work for more than 10 hours per day, once every 3 months replacement; intermittent work for less than 10 hours a day, once every 6 months.
4. Grease replacement system: every 6 months to replace.
5. The gearbox that has not been used for a long time must be replaced with grease or grease before it is restarted.
6. It is not allowed to inject unclean or corrosive lubricating oil.

VII, often using environmental conditions





Ambient temperature



Relative humidity



Environmental pollution level

Level IV


Installation method


1, electrical conditions:
Line voltage: 380VAC +10% 3PH, 50HZ + 1%. Requirements of power supply conditions to GB / T3859.1-93 5.2 in the general requirements of the industrial power network (ie Class B) requirements, the rectifier in the B Class electrical can operate normally
Frequency: 50 & 1% HZ
Voltage fluctuation range: 5%
2, the device must be mounted vertically, its inclination must not exceed 5 & deg .;.
3, the scene conditions of use do not meet the above, by the user and manufacturer negotiated settlement. strong>

VIII, photos
Note: Total 3 Pages, Page 1 Overall Appearance Installation Drawing; Page 2 Main Circuit Diagram; Page 3 PLC Control Circuit. strong>  

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