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Xiangtan Volkswagen successfully developed a new mobile DC ice melting device

2012-05-05 12:00
At present, with the unremitting efforts and experiments of our company's staff, we have successfully developed a mobile controlled DC ice melting device below 500KV.
The rain, snow, and freezing disasters that occurred at the beginning of this year caused serious damage to the power grid facilities in parts of southern my country. In order to improve the power grid’s ability to respond to the natural world and ensure the safe and stable operation of the grid and power supply, our company has independently developed a new mobile controlled DC ice melting device, which is installed in a standard 20-foot container and is light in weight. , Small size, easy to move, it can be easily "moved" to multiple substations to melt ice, and overcome the disadvantages of traditional AC ice melting, such as large melting capacity, difficulty in load transfer, and the need for multiple lines in series, to coat power transmission lines The problem provides an efficient solution. During the icing of the line, the mobile DC ice melting device converts the AC power in the power system into a controllable DC power and applies it to the line, using the thermal effect of the current on the wire resistance to melt the ice on the wire. By controlling the ice melting current flowing through the line and the ice melting time, the safe, fast and balanced ice melting of the line is realized. This will be extremely effective to ensure the safety of power supply of transmission lines.

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